Why is Linking so Important?

Why is Linking so Important?

Why is linking so important for your blog or website?

Search engines use links to discover new websites and rank the websites on the search results page. In other words, they crawl into new content and determine the authorship of the site based on an authorship from external sources.

And that means that a website's profile link is one of the most important Google ranking factors. When Google introduced page rankings in 1990, the number of backlinks was used as one of the most important criteria for global ranking. The more links you get, the better your ranking.

Since this can easily be counterfeit, Google's algorithm updates focus on punishing shadow linking techniques.

Today, backlinks are no longer based on a high number of backlinks and are often based on quality and relevance.

Backlink Types

There are generally two types of backlinks:

  • Duplicated Backlinks: These links transfer the linking page's authorization to the linked page. This authorization is also often referred to as "linkwriter".
  • Backlit links: No links are given to the linked website. They do not pass any authorship, and this is because of the HTML tag: (rel = "nofollow") which tells creepy robots not to count.

In the explanation above, it can be said: Site A links to both B and C, but only the B site crosses the "link link". That one is a nofalo link. Therefore, no authorization is transferred to Site C.
Nefalo links are of no value from a SEO standpoint'

Anchoring is the visible and clickable part of hyperlinks. The part that helps crawlers understand what a linked page is about. If pages link to you with the same keywords used in encryption, this can help you rank in the Google search engine. . It is true?

Not so easy. Over-optimized text anchor profiles can lead to Google's algorithmic penalty. It is better to make the Incredibles natural than to change them in an artificial way.

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