How to know your blog post ranking position?

How do I know how many numbers my blog post is ranking?

Usually, blog posts are ranked on keywords so you need to know the keyword ranking position used in your blog post.

That is if you want to know which Google position your blog post ranks for a particular keyword,

You can see it from Google Search Console >> Performance >> Average Position.

Also, if you have a Bengali blog site, you can search for specific keywords directly on Google to see where your post is ranking for that keyword.

The reason for saying Bangla blog is that the search results in Bengali are very low, so you can easily find out where your blog post is ranking in any place or position.

However, of course from the Google Search settings Results per page 10 to 100.

How to understand the issue of average position?

See Average position means an average position in the ranking of all your articles. I hope you have understood that.

Now let me give you a small example, if the average position is between 1-5, then your articles are ranking on the first page of Google search.

In other words, the lower the number of articles at the beginning of the search results and the higher the search results behind or the ranking position will be far away.

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