Tricks to Create a Strong Password

 How to create a strong, complex password

Here’s a way to make a strong password that’s very hard to crack. Follow these steps:

Think of a phrase or sentence with at least eight words. It should be something easy for you to remember but hard for someone who knows you to guess. It could be a line from a favorite poem, story, movie, song lyric, or quotation you like. Example: "I Want To Put A Dent In The Universe"

Remove all but the first letter of each word in your phrase:  IWTPADITU

Replace several of the upper-case letters with lowercase ones, at random: iWtpADitU

Now substitute a number for at least one of the letters. (Here, we’ve changed the capital “I” to the numeral 1: iWtpAD1tU

Finally, use special characters ( $, &, +, !, @) to replace a letter or two -- preferably a letter that is repeated in the phrase. You can also add an extra character to the mix. (Here, we’ve replaced the “t” with “+”, and added an exclamation point at the end.) : iW+pAD1tU!