How to know your blog post ranking position?

How do I know how many numbers my blog post is ranking?

Usually, blog posts are ranked on keywords so you need to know the keyword ranking position used in your blog post.

That is if you want to know which Google position your blog post ranks for a particular keyword,

You can see it from Google Search Console >> Performance >> Average Position.

Also, if you have a Bengali blog site, you can search for specific keywords directly on Google to see where your post is ranking for that keyword.

The reason for saying Bangla blog is that the search results in Bengali are very low, so you can easily find out where your blog post is ranking in any place or position.

However, of course from the Google Search settings Results per page 10 to 100.

How to understand the issue of average position?

See Average position means an average position in the ranking of all your articles. I hope you have understood that.

Now let me give you a small example, if the average position is between 1-5, then your articles are ranking on the first page of Google search.

In other words, the lower the number of articles at the beginning of the search results and the higher the search results behind or the ranking position will be far away.

How to Download Copyright Free Images?

Difference between copyright-free and royalty-free image

Copyright-free images are available for all of us in public domain images for free, we can edit it in any way or take it in commercial or non-commercial use without editing it.

But keep in mind, we can only use them, we cannot sell them, yes no one has the right to copyright, so we can use it in any kind of use.

What are royalty-free images?

On the other hand, royalty-free image is not free, we have to buy it and that too its rights are sold or bought according to usage.

Even after purchasing the royalty-free image, you cannot edit it and even sell it to someone else, even if you have bought it, because the copyright rights are saved by the photographer.

Royalty-free image ho you have some website from where you can buy such as Shutterstock You can buy the royalty-free image from a website like Shutterstock.

So if we need images for commercial use in our YouTube channel blog website or in any other work, then we have to download copyright-free images and we will tell about some top sites here from where you will be able to download pics for free.

Where to download copyright-free images and video?

There are many sites from where you can download copyright-free images and even download 4k videos for free for commercial use.

The pixabay

The pixabay is one such site from where you can download any kind of images and pixabay videos for free, you can use your YouTube channel blog website or for commercial use in any kind of work.

I use pixabay for the last 3 years by downloading images and pixabay videos for my YouTube channel and blog. You can also edit the downloaded image from here.

The pixabay keeps updating from time to time and here you will get millions of public domain image. Not only images, but here you will also get vector graphics art and video clips for free.

But keep in mind when you go to pixabay and search for any image, the top line is the Shutterstock and pics of other paid website. If you click on it, then you will go to those sites and then you will have to buy the image from there.

So search any image pixabay videos on pixabay, then skip the top line and download from below and while downloading, check that the image is on pixabay.

By downloading small video clips from Pixabay, you can use them in your treble video or you can take them for commercial use wherever you want.

You must read pixabay license once because there are some places where pixabay does not allow your photo or video.

The Pexels

Like pixabay, pexels also allows us to download HD image and video clips for free. I use image and video clips from both these sites for commercial use.

If you did not get some images from Pixabay, then you can go to Pixels and if you do not find Pixabes, you can go to Pixabay.

Both of these websites upload their own users and some copyright-free websites also come with images and video clips.

Not only for blog website or YouTube channel, but you can also use images HD in postcards, invitation magazines, albums and books etc., and you can share them on your social media account as well.

Apart from these, you will find many more sites from where you will download HD photo and video clip for free, but the thing to note is that you must read their license.

Because sometimes some sites offer images for free, but something else is written in their license as if you cannot use them in print or they have to give credit for use anywhere.

There is no such thing on pixabay and pexels, you can download HD image and video clip from here and use it without giving any credit because I have been using image and video clips from here on my sites for the last 3 years.

Overall, if you want to download images from anywhere other than these two websites, then their license should be CCO licence and you must check this.

So if you run a YouTube channel, have a blog website or work somewhere else on the internet and you want beautiful pictures and video clips, then these two sites are the best for you pixabay and pexels.

You can edit the images downloaded from here in any image editing software and set them to a designed image or you can take the entire image downloaded from here in your work.

As I told you above, if you go to these sites, you will find sponsored images at the top line or even below, which you have to identify and avoid.

It is always our endeavour that whatever information you have come here for, that information should come in your understanding well and accordingly, we write our articles.

Bluehost Best Web Hosting Special

Know what is special in Bluehost

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On the other hand, if you take Bluehost, ie India, then you can take support in Hindi by calling the customer, in addition to this, chat support is also available.

I got hosting from, this company is very big and old, it has good security from its side and the performance is also very good.

If you are about to start a new blog, then I will adjust to you that you will get their basic plan, it will be cheaper and later when your site starts having 5 to 10000 visits monthly then you can switch to their bigger plan.